24 inch Umbrella

24 inch umbrella is the most common promotional umbrella purchased by customers as corporate gift. It is made with either silver coated on outer layer or only single layer of taffeta material. The pricing is depends on the design, type of handle and the quality of the umbrella shaft.

carbon fibre shaft umbrella UM3969


Model: Carbon Fibre Shaft Umbrella (UM3969)

Colour: Blue, Red and Orange


budget 24 inch umbrella


Model: Budget Umbrella with silver coated (AD045)

Colour: Blue, Maroon, Orange, yelllow and green






Model: 24 inch Taffeta Umbrella(UM3562)

Colour: Light blue, dark blue, Orange and Maroon





 24 inch coloured umbrella UM3561

Model: 24 inch Coloured Umbrella (UM3561)

Colour: Blue, Black and Purple





1 Malaysia Umbrella MAD045


Model: 1 Malaysia 24 inch Umbrella (MAD045)

Colour: Blue and Yellow





Square Umbrella UM2369


Model: Square 24 inch Umbrella (UM2369)

Colour: Blue and Orange





Solid Colour Taffeta umbrella UM033


Model: Solid Color 24 inch Umbrella (UM033)

Colour: Blue





Unique design 24 inch umbrella Ad013


Model: Unique Design Umbrella (AD013)

Colour: Blue and Maroon





24 inch square umbrella


Model: 24 inch Square Umbrella (UM2369)

Colour: Blue and Orange





24 inch square umbrella BUM1839


Model: 24 inch Square Umbrella (BUM1839)

Colour: Black