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Umbrella as Promotional Gift – Shine like the Sun

Shine like the Sun – Umbrella as Promotional Gifts

There are many kinds of promotional gifts but umbrellas seem to be the most popular choice among many companies and organizations. This is because it combines both style and function. It is also a perfect give which shows off your company name, logo, tag line, and whatever you decide to put into it. There are many reasons why umbrella as promotional gifts will make you and your business shine like the sun.

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According to expert studies, more than 80% of people who receive a product remember the company name on it. More people are inclined to doing business with the company that gave away these products as opposed to ones that did not give anything away. It just proves how powerful promotional gifts are. Here are some reasons why it is best to choose umbrella as promotional gifts:

• Options. Umbrellas give you many options. It comes in different materials although the most popular choice is nylon. It comes in different colors with most popular choices as white, maroon, black, and navy blue. It also comes with different handle materials. There are many options to choose from so you will surely find the perfect one for you.

• Size Matters. Umbrellas also come in different sizes too. Bigger umbrellas are actually more popular compared to smaller ones. Many people prefer golf umbrellas too. These umbrellas are bigger and it is even sturdier. Popular color choices for golf umbrellas are black, combination of blue and white, combination of black and white, white, and silver.

• Will of the Wind. Windbrellas are also perfect kind of umbrella as promotional gifts. It is designed more for protection from the wind instead of the sun or the rain. It is also relatively lighter compared to other kinds of umbrella. It is perfect for those who love the sun and just need minimal protection from it. Popular choices of color are combination of green and white, combination of blue and white, combination of black and white, blue, moss green, maroon, black, and combination of red and white.

• Fold. Folding umbrellas are also popular choice of umbrella as promotional gifts. These are rather practical as these umbrellas are easily folded and you can place it inside your bag. This way, you are ready for sudden change in the weather anytime, anywhere. You also do not have to carry it around by hand or arm. It is functional, it is convenient, and it simply makes life easier.

Your promotional gift should speak for you. Like the umbrella, it should come with promises. It tells the people that just like the umbrella, your business or your company wants to keep you safe and protected, that you care for them, that you will be there for them no matter what kind of weather they experience, and that your are willing to keep them safe and comfortable in different situations. As the product carries your brand, it also carries the message wherein you can show your company’s vision so anyone can see it and remember it. You may refer this article to have a more insight information regarding the aspects in choosing a good umbrella.

How to choose a Good Umbrella

How to Choose a Good Umbrella

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Long ago, if you required an umbrella, you would end up with a lengthy stick umbrella which would possibly be black.

However, in recent years a number of latest innovations and fascinating engineering feats have been included in the rain umbrella.

Different Features of Umbrellas

Maybe, the most striking choice for an umbrella is the way it is opened. To open and close manual umbrellas, the ring is slid upwards and downwards the shaft, according to the user’s wish.

For a lot of years, automatic umbrellas have been available. They pop open when a button is pressed, which is found on the handle. These umbrellas which are packed with springs are very useful and it is faster to open them than a normal manual umbrella.

More recently, a number of clever engineers found out the way to create umbrellas which close and open automatically. These provide optimum convenience.

Be careful though, as automated umbrellas are machines which are complicated and at times break, becoming stuck when either open or closed. If you want to benefit from an automatic umbrella, it is advisable to get an umbrella of high quality which comes with a lifetime warranty.

The twin canopy is another fascinating novelty found in the modern umbrella. This design has slits inside the canopy which overlap. The concept here is to allow wind to flow via the slits instead of getting caught by the canopy, compelling the umbrella to turn upside down. When this happens, it is a sure indicator that you require a new umbrella!

A lot of varying features exist in the twin canopy; however, essentially they operate in similar manner and can lessen harm to this precious accessory. A lot of umbrellas with twin canopies are said to endure winds up to 50 mph or 80 kph.
Another consideration is whether to opt for a folding umbrella or a normal stick umbrella. Folding umbrellas are available in compact form or ultra compact. The base of these umbrellas telescopes outwards upon opening and offers sufficient coverage for people. It collapses downwards to below a foot in length, making it convenient to carry. Normal stick umbrellas are bigger and more long lasting.

A lot of umbrellas are made from nylon as it is durable and available freely, as well as affordable. Pongee is a kind of silk cloth. It is not common to find umbrellas designed solely from Pongee; however, it is possible for you to come across Poly-Pongee.

This blend of polyester and silk is utilized more as the silk content is a bit more expensive. The advantage of poly-pongee is that it is lighter in weight. You will also come across some choice umbrellas created from a canopy of polyester.

All of these fabrics offer high quality protection from the rain and sun. For specialized imprinting, nylon is prone to holding and reflecting imprints better. If you want to include a logo on an umbrella, making use of a nylon canopy would be best.

In case you enjoy playing golf when it is raining, you can select golf umbrellas which are purpose designed. They are larger than a canopy of average size and longer than normal stick shaft, with a straight handle. They are also available in a huge variety, in terms of patterns and colours. They are ideal for golf clients and families as well.

Doorman Umbrella is another big umbrella to think about. They are purpose designed to be used commercially by apartments and hotels. They look the same as golf umbrellas. However, they have a normal handle which is J shaped and are presented in a variety of colours. They are well designed to last long and are ideal for families also.